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Asseticom mobile app

Combining performance with simplicity means Asseticom is the software of choice for surveyors. Maximising the value of time on site to quickly gather accurate and consistent asset data, attributes and photos.

The asseticom app has been designed for use on Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets, working seamlessly in all orientations and sizes. Our simple and intuitive design means minimal training is needed to get started.

We provide live support to ensure surveyors are kept surveying. Our support team are experts in all aspects of the software, so can solve any issues you may have.

The app will seamlessly operate both online and offline allowing you to continue surveying whatever the location or connectivity.

Take multiple images linked to assets and rooms to ensure there is a comprehensive and high resolution record of the assets surveyed.

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App features

We are continually innovating to ensure our software breaks new ground and improves the experience and data quality that our clients need to deliver a excellent outcomes.

Interactive floorplans

Interactive floorplans mean you know were you are going, and where you have been, with live feedback to managers.

Parent-child relationships

The creation of a parent child relationship at the point of data collection means defect schedules are easy, and linked to assets.

Templates for sharing

Build and create survey templates for you and your team. Or you can take some of ours off the shelf.

Asset collection and verification

Collecting anew or verifying existing, you are able to be self sufficient and focus on the needs of your client.


Managing multiple surveys is easy with Asseticom

Visibility and control is everything when managing multiple surveys, the Asseticom dashboard puts you in the driving seat


From concept to completion: Asseticom's project lifecycle

Experience a seamless journey through Asseticom's structured project stages, designed to ensure precision and excellence at every turn.

Asset list tablet



Survey details

Assign the building and surveyor

Taxonomy list tablet




Select the asset taxonomy you want to use

Survey builder tablet



Build the survey fields

Drag and drop a survey template, or build a new survey

Data import tablet



Import existing data

Import existing asset data to validate (optional)

Map view tablet



Space schedules

Drag & drop floorplans and assign locations (optional)

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Survey control made easy

The Asseticom Command & Control Centre (CCC) allows you to set up, track, amend and report on your surveys.

  • Track the progress of your survey team in real time using real-time monitoring.
  • Amend live data remotely using our live quality assurance function.
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