Better Asset Condition Surveying

Our mission is to enable our clients to collect asset information with increased accuracy and speed in order to minimise the cost of data collection and maximise value.

The Asseticom App

Our technology allows for effective life cycle and forward maintenance planning at scale.

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Pioneering Next Generation Life Cycle Software

Asseticom brings unparalleled ease to Asset Life Cycle Planning and Condition Surveying.

We put our clients first and have worked with experienced building surveyors in development of our Asseticom software platform.

Our goal is to provide a simple, intuitive condition surveying tool that can be used by multiple disciplines across the Facilities Management industry.

Key Features


All survey activity can be monitored remotely, in real-time, from Asseticom’s Command & Control Centre, providing stakeholders with live survey progress.


Our custom-built interface is leaner, smarter and quicker than any other, meaning surveyors can work quickly and efficiently to collect asset data


Interactive floorplans allow the surveyor to easily navigate the facility and removes the need for time intensive scrolling while on site


Asseticom mandates images whilst improving data collection speed, meaning that every asset is properly documented for future reference.


We’re currently working on our custom-built AI and other exciting features to ensure we are constantly innovating to deliver the best experience for our clients.


The creation of a parent child relationship at the point of data collection means a richer output dataset to manage your property portfolio. The Parent Child linkage is useful for both statutory maintenance (e.g. circuit board RCDs) and Life Cycle Planning (e.g Lift motor Replacement).

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How Leveraging Asseticom Benefits us All

While Asseticom is a condition survey software tool it is principally a tech tool that optimises both survey speed and survey accuracy. Built using the latest technology at its core, Asseticom is both reliable and efficient, and optimises the quality of data collection and life cycle accuracy.

As well as substantial cost and resource benefits, the improved output means a more robust life cycle cost profile providing estate owners and operators with better data to manage their facilities.

Our Software

Phone and tablet

Mobile App

The Asseticom App is available on both Android and iOS phones and tablets and has been built using input from experienced RICS chartered surveyors out in the field to make the job as simple as possible. We have taken a fresh look at the way we capture data and custom designed the interface so that it is user-friendly and quick.

Desktop command and control centre

Asseticom Command & Control Centre (CCC)

The CCC allows for greater control of the end-to-end survey process. We recognise that as important as the surveyors are on site, there are those who prepare and issue the surveys in advance who also require an intelligent and simple software package. This is delivered by the CCC.

The CCC allows for seamless communication between surveyor and the office and is designed for quick and simple survey set up and issuance. We understand that the power to conduct a quality survey sits with those who meticulously prepare the supporting room, asset and cost data and so the ability to do this from your desktop is already built in for you.

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